date between 2 board

Hi everyone! I’m trying to figure out how to set up an integromat recipe to do the following:

We have two boards that have a date value column for when we are going to have photographs of a listings. One is for our team, exclusively, the other board we have a guest present- the stager. We’d like to have it set up so that when the photo date is placed in the board that is just for our team, it is mirrored in the staging board.

The current receipe I have in integromat is:

  1. Output column values from Team board
  2. Output column values from Staging board
    Filter–> Condition:“name” contains “name” and “photo date” not equal to “photo date”.
  3. Update column value:
    board Id; Staging board
    Item ID: pulse ID
    Column values to change: “Photo date”/“photo date”

Im getting the error

The operation failed with an error. Function ‘stringifyColumnValues’ finished with error! ‘{object}’ is not a valid date.

Hey @Klink ,

could you expand your question with a screenshot or more information.

The first thing which comes from my mind is probably a formating issue, or your filter is not filtering the right value.

But this are all assumtions. Could be anything.


Hi! Absolutely, thank you for your response.