Automation: Update status of one item based on another item's status in the same board


Is there a way to create/use and existing automation recipe which updates item X column X in a board when item Y column Y of the same board is changed.


Hi @Gaurav

Not an out-of-the box automation. Basically automations work across rows and are the same for each row on a board. This can be done with Integromat or with custom apps, but not with standard automations.


Hi @Gaurav!

I agree with @basdebruin. Perhaps this question may be better directed to our general FAQ area, since it doesn’t seem to be related to building monday apps.

Let me know if this was your intention, happy to keep it here.

@Helen please move it to the correct group. I wasn’t sure so I just put it there. Thanks.

hi @Gaurav,

Are you looking for a kind of lookup function? I am currently developing an app (Match Index Column) that updates col X / item Y (compare Excel Index function) based on a match between column values (compare with Excel Match function).

Hello @basdebruin,
I was looking for something out of the box. I am developing an integration which I was thinking to propose as, “Add this to your board and rest leave it on Monday, just use your existing recipe.”
But I think it’s not gonna work :slight_smile:
Could you please guide me as where I can find resources to build this kind of recipe.

hi @Gaurav

Do not understand completely what you mean by “Add this to your board and rest leave it on Monday, just use your existing recipe”. As said, there is no out-of-the-box solution for this as all automations always work on a single item.

You can do this (possibly with Integromat - I am not an expert) or by building your own integration. That last one requires a server on the internet, programming skills and possibly a database. There are plenty of resources how to build custom integrations, like: monday Apps - Example Apps

The integration I am building uses this recipe:

Basically it is the Excel functions Index and Match.

Hi, @Gaurav (& @basdebruin & @Helen ) - I believe there is a way to do this now with the recent release of mirrored columns in the “change a status based on another status” Automation recipe! :boom: Here’s a demo walkthrough - Cross Item Dependencies wit...

Let me know if this will work for your use case!

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@PolishedGeek - this is awesome and a brilliant way to solve this case. Nice work.

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