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Hey Everyone!

I have a unique situation where I need to update a column to match the item name. I’m trying to set up a custom event inside Make/Integromat to go “When Item Name is updated then Update Column”. I have to admit, i’m pretty new with this structure.
Has anyone built anything like this yet, or is it even possible?
Any input recommended?


Yes, possible. A good starter project.

The basic scenario will look like this:

The Update Column module will look something like this:

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That’s awesome. I was in the right spot then. Where i’m running into an issue is the Update Column module doesn’t give me the option to set the Item ID to an event in mapping. When I turn it off mapping, it only gives it to me in specific item names. Can you show me where you were able to set Item ID to 1.event: pulseid?


Right click on the webhook module, click on run this module only, activate the trigger on the monday side… should work then.

@JCorrell it works. I much appreciate the assist. I have it working perfectly.

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