Automatically creating item name with (integromat)

Hello - we are using Monday as a CRM and would like to be able to set the item name automatically based on a couple of columns. I’ve had a go doing this with make .com but have hit a snag.
I have a column for first name and a column for last name. I want to concatenate these as the title.

I can get it to work by using:

Watch Event → Any column updates update the webhook - it only seems to take the last item of an event so I have to have either the first name or last name

Get an Items Column Value → This has a router depending on wether the first or last name was used

Update Columns Value of Specific Item → This is quite straightforward I can pull together the output of the watch event and the ‘get an items value’ module to change the item name.

The issue comes that from the ‘get an items value’ module the text received is in quotation marks → EG “first name” Last Name

Am I massively overcomplicating what feels like should be something simple?

Hi :slight_smile:

We have done this for many customers. I’ve uploaded you the blueprint, so you can import and change it to your board and column.

But explained simple: You have to make two monday webhook integration for when firstname or lastname column changes. In both you use the same webhook from “Watch events”. Then get the item and check if first- and lastname column is filled out. When yes change the item name.

I hope this helps.

Link to Scenario-Blueprint (not allowed to upload a .json file here): WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free


This is fantastic and so helpful. Really appreciate you taking the time to help. Problem sorted - and I think I’ve learnt more about how it all works.

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