Renaming Pulse at the time a new item is created

Hello community. Does anyone know if it’s possible to rename a pulse at the time an item creation happens from a form submission?

If anyone knows, please let me know how. Thanks

Hey there,

Im not sure that you can accomplish that with Monday internal automation; At least I haven’t found a great way without a “Pass through board”. Here is an example of my first thoughts.

This greatly depends on being able to derive the new name from the submitted form data or a static value.

Custom Recipe: When an Item is created > create an item in a new board ( With all the values mapped and a new name given) > Delete the original item ( or not)

In this case I defined a new name from “Value 1 - Value 2” from my form submission board.

I could completely be missing the ball here and someone can inform us both on how to do this internally.

However, you could make use of their web-hooks for when a new item is created with a value from the submitted form. I find myself over utilizing programs like Integromat for these sort of things. Zapier is also an easy in relatively low cost option.

I have automations setup that even prefix each subitem with the name of the parent for a better “My Work” view.

ie. Parent Item name - "Cove association. "
user creates a subitem named “inspection”
Automation renames subitem to “Cove Association - Inspection”

That we be my solution too. Use Integromat, Zapier or build a custom app that listens to a create_item trigger and that use the API to update the item Name.