Item naming (auto naming)

has anyone had any requests or experience with auto naming items names in a pulse

i know we can use a fuction coulmn to concat field A, Field B

But i need the item name to be generated based upon the data entered. or even from linked board data.


Got an example of the data you’re dealing with?

The more details you give, the better we can understand what you’re trying to achieve.

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We are looking for the same functionality to track our contracts and their associated work orders.

First we have board of Customers. We then have a board board for our Contracts (across all customers). Each contract has a negotiated number of Work Orders (tasks). In this example, let’s say 6. We then create 6 open work orders in a seperate board, but needs to be associated with the Contract.

In this situation we have 3 boards; Customers, Contracts, and Work Orders. Each contract is a Pulse and each work order is a pulse. We would like the Pulse Names for the Contracts to autocreate based off of a sequence. We would then like the Work Orders to be automated based off of the contract name.

Let me know if you need further clarification.