"Item name" Automation

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Recently our organisation has started using Monday.com platform. We have two sources of data. One of them is an online form that through the third-party API generating the needed “item name” value. Another is a manual work by operator who is filling in the data and every time enter “item name” column value which is the same for all.

I tried to find out the solution for this issue, but there is no field for “item name” in default value menu. Automation menu also does not have opportunity to change it.

Also I heard, that maybe there is an autoincrement option. I will be glad for any help.

Hi @slovak82 - possibly an option would be to use the Item Name Automations app. Then set a default value to a different text column and set the automation to rename the item based on this new column.

Hope this helps!

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hi @slovak82

Welcome to the community! Indeed the AutoID column app can write the generated and unique id’s to the name column. Mode details to be found here.