Item Name from Formula

It would be helpful if we had the ability auto-populate Item Names using a formula based on data from other fields. Some Monday competitors offer this functionality — I know Airtable in particular does — and it’s incredibly helpful for things like continuity, access control, and overall user-efficiency.

Here’s the Problem:

If you have a form open to submissions, the only options for naming new items are:

  1. Show the field > Let users name it and rename it after (extra step)
  2. Hide it > Manually add it later (extra step)

But, let’s say you need item names to follow a specific format upon submission to include data from other form fields like submission date, request type, request number (via auto-number field), invoice number, account number, etc.

Right now, there’s no way to do this - even with custom automations.

Example Use Case for Consideration:

  • Someone submits a new campaign request via form
  • The Item Name is a formula field that’s hidden on the form: CONCATENATE({Product Name}, " ", {Campaign Type}, " Campaign | ", {Submission Date}, " - No. ", {Request No.})
  • Once submitted, the item will match the desired naming convention:
    ‘Monday Awareness Campaign | 01/18/22 - No. 12492’

So, to recap — in instances when items need specific, form-based names, without the option to make the Item Name a formula field, it currently requires manual input (aka: additional effort that frustrates users :sweat_smile:) every single time.

Hi @Emma!

Here’s a possible solution for renaming the item upon form submission. (watch quick video). I hope this helps!

Have an awesome day!
Lucid Day

Hello @TonyaM,

Is the video you linked still relevant and available?
Because I can’t seem to reach it via the link in your post.

What is the suggested solution?


Hi Dan!

Here’s the link!