Item Name from Formula

It would be helpful if we had the ability auto-populate Item Names using a formula based on data from other fields. Some Monday competitors offer this functionality — I know Airtable in particular does — and it’s incredibly helpful for things like continuity, access control, and overall user-efficiency.

Here’s the Problem:

If you have a form open to submissions, the only options for naming new items are:

  1. Show the field > Let users name it and rename it after (extra step)
  2. Hide it > Manually add it later (extra step)

But, let’s say you need item names to follow a specific format upon submission to include data from other form fields like submission date, request type, request number (via auto-number field), invoice number, account number, etc.

Right now, there’s no way to do this - even with custom automations.

Example Use Case for Consideration:

  • Someone submits a new campaign request via form
  • The Item Name is a formula field that’s hidden on the form: CONCATENATE({Product Name}, " ", {Campaign Type}, " Campaign | ", {Submission Date}, " - No. ", {Request No.})
  • Once submitted, the item will match the desired naming convention:
    ‘Monday Awareness Campaign | 01/18/22 - No. 12492’

So, to recap — in instances when items need specific, form-based names, without the option to make the Item Name a formula field, it currently requires manual input (aka: additional effort that frustrates users :sweat_smile:) every single time.

Hi @Emma!

Here’s a possible solution for renaming the item upon form submission. (watch quick video). I hope this helps!

Have an awesome day!
Lucid Day

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Hello @TonyaM,

Is the video you linked still relevant and available?
Because I can’t seem to reach it via the link in your post.

What is the suggested solution?


Hi Dan!

Here’s the link!


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hi Tonya,
Thanks for sharing, I’m trying to use this automation, when I select two columns (both linked to connected boards) to use to create the subitem name, it just repeats a single column. I can use other columns, but whenever its a connected board column, i can’t get them to merge the two names. Any suggestions?


Hi Gaurav,

I have a clarifying question, are both connected boards columns named the same thing or are multiple boards linked in the same connected boards column?


Hi Tonya,
The columns have different names:



HI Tonya,

This looks great, but the item name app doesn’t seem to be available to me. Is this only licensed in certain countries? I’m in Canada.

Hi @TonyaM,

Looks like this solution is not available anymore?

Kind regards,



It seems that it does not work with Formula. do you have a solution for it?

Hi Guy!

Instead of using the native formula column, use General Caster to create the formula and then use that column in your integration.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Works! thank you everything as expected

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That worked for my needs. Thank you so much for posting Tonya!

Does General Caster change the Item Name? I’m using it and haven’t found an option to automate the change of the name in the Item Name field from “Incoming” that comes from a form.

The perfect solution would be for to allow their form system to customize or at least use a different column like date or date created to make the item name be unique. I have over 100 form submissions all titled “Incoming form answer” and it is confusing to work with when we have to go deeper across the table to find the unique values (we moved them all up to the front - but still).