New Automation: "Update Item name with"


I think it would be great to have a new automation “Update Item name with”.
For exemple, I would like, when a new item is created (via a Form answer), to update the name of the item with one the field of the form.

Thank you.

This would be a very helpful automation. I have thought about using this for status changes as well. We have a “Cancelled” Status and it would be great to create an automation that is When Status Changes to Cancelled, change item name to Cancelled + existing text.

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Hello @kaylak,

You can do that with the Icons app. It enables you to prefix or suffix item names with an icon or a custom text based on any automation.
Here is a demo

Thanks @kaylak I love that idea!
If you are interested in this being a new feature, I think you need to vote there:

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Unfortunately I have reached the limit for votes so I hope my comment can help!

We get so many form requests and it is hard to manually change each name or keep track of which “incoming form request” you are working on so this automation would be really helpful!

Check out Column Magic which has a feature called Text Builder, that will let you take the text of multiple columns of most any type and write it to the name (or other columns, including email and links!) in any pattern, custom text, or emojis you want to put into the text.

I’m currently working on a form to share in between colleagues.
The form consists of 3 dropdown options and depending on the selected one I’m collecting certain data. I set the form to require people to login so I can keep track of who submits what.
Though it was very difficult to make it appear in the table I fixed it with the assign on create automation.
Now what is left is to automate (or use other method) to put their names in the first column, where currently reads “incoming form answer”. I understand that I can use “Include name question in form” but hey, who’d want to feel in their name if they are authenticated anyway, right.
This is how I ended up here, if automation is the answer, please implement it. It would be really, really useful if this automation existed.

It would also fix the Calendar view, as at the moment all submissions appear as “incoming form answer” and the calendar doesn’t have an option to display items by the person created it (hope yet).

PS. I voted, thank you, Ingrid.

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+1 This would be so useful, I have task items connected to a parent project and need a way to update the task names when the project name is upadated

Would love to see this feature added natively, as “incoming form response” is not a helpful way to track items created by forms. And it is a pretty simple change that shouldn’t require 3rd party extensions in my opinion.

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How did you get Column Magic to change the item in the first column which says “incoming form request”?

Text Builder, which is a part of Column Magic is the component that does it. You can build a custom automation that does it:

Would love this feature too, where the automation is associated with status column changing.