New Automation: "Update Item name with"


I think it would be great to have a new automation “Update Item name with”.
For exemple, I would like, when a new item is created (via a Form answer), to update the name of the item with one the field of the form.

Thank you.

This would be a very helpful automation. I have thought about using this for status changes as well. We have a “Cancelled” Status and it would be great to create an automation that is When Status Changes to Cancelled, change item name to Cancelled + existing text.

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Hello @kaylak,

You can do that with the Icons app. It enables you to prefix or suffix item names with an icon or a custom text based on any automation.
Here is a demo

Thanks @kaylak I love that idea!
If you are interested in this being a new feature, I think you need to vote there:

Unfortunately I have reached the limit for votes so I hope my comment can help!