How can I "Add text" when creating new item via automation

I have an automation which is set to create an item when a date arrives and a status is something.

In the form, where I can define how the columns are filled I see the option “Add text” in several lines/columns. For example “Name” offers this option. However I can neither click in the field to add text nor does clicking the words do anything.

My question is, how can I manually enter a name for the item that is supposed to be created?

Specifically I want to create a to do when the conditions are met, which should look something like:

Please check [Item Name] and give feedback to [Owner]

Thanks for any help.

hi @dk_NFroehlich

When you click on “an item” while creating your automation an item card pops up where you can change values that will be inserted in the items columns. When there is a text column you can enter any text there, but that text is teken literarily and does not support fields.

Alternatively you can create the item and send a notification by adding a second action (notify someone).

Hope that helps.

Thank you. It appears to have been a browser-problem. In google chrome the fields worked as expected.

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