Populating columns with default values, when a new item is created


I am trying to figure out how to populate columns with default values, when a new item is created.

For example, assigning a default Sales Person, or populating a Date Column for follow-up reminder purposes, upon creation of a brand new item.

Does anybody know if this is possible?

Thanks so much!



Hi Ander, In your automation’s under due date. I use this for Jobs deadlines, When a new job is added set the deadline to 5 days and if i change status drop down to urgent it changes the deadline to 2 days. Simple as :smiley:

On this same topic, I’m looking for a way to have a numbers column populated with a predetermined value when a new item is created (such as a predetermined hourly rate for billing). Similar to the window of fields you can fill in when you automate creating a new item. Is this possible when manually creating a new item?


Hey @AnderTran, like @Viste noted, these would be the automations to check out :blush:

@RyanSWS At the moment we don’t have a way to prepopulate the numbers column, unless it’s filled out via a form. Are all the numbers in a group going to be the same? If so, what do you think about using batch actions to set this number for an entire group?

@TRB-monday.com Typically more often than not it would be the same for an entire group. So batch actions could be a decent solution for the time being. Hoping for additional automation options in the future. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: Thanks!

Hi @AnderTran,
Have you checked out this Automation?

Seems like it fits your needs. You can populate the column information you need it to generate each time.

I used this in conjunction with a few other automations to set up reoccurring tasks and it seems to be working great so far.

I know I’m a little late to the party.

One work-around type solution for “defaulting” fields with types like text, email, tags, phone, status…

Create an additional status column “Defaults” (to be hidden) then create the following automations:

When a new item is created, set its Defaults to X

When Defaults changes to X, move item (set default values here) to {same board name}

UPDATE: make sure to set the Defaults field when doing the move to something other than X otherwise the automation can run more than once on the same item.

Thank you for the suggestions everybody. This Covid thing took me out of the picture for a while, so now I’m finally back to work on my Monday.com projects.

I will look at all your suggestions, and see if I can get them to work.

Many thank you’s :grinning: