Populating number column at item creation

I’m trying to populate a number column at time of creation. Is this achievable? I’ve read conflicting suggestions here one of the suggestions. It says to use the column name and the value.

#mutation {
#    create_item (	board_id: 4126578075, 
#      						group_id: "new_group9285", 
#      						item_name: "new item 002",
                            [column name : value]
#    						){
#        id
#    }

The official documentation is a little lite on this topic. "pass in a JSON stringify object"   Is there any other place that has better documentation.


Yes this is achievable, Here is the request.

mutation {
    create_item (board_id: 1234567890, group_id: "test group id", item_name: "new item", column_values: "{\"numbers\" : \"3\"}") {

You will need to enter the column id where it says now numbers.

Hope this helps