Create item using automations with preselected Dropdown vaues

I am creating an integration between Monday & Freshdesk. I am setting the item creation element of the integration in Monday and I have a dropdown column that I want to pre-fill then the item is created. My item creation works using the integration, however the value I enter into the dropdown column in the integration setup, is not reflected when I view the created item on my board. Any ideas?

Hey Gareth! I’m having a little trouble visualizing this process. Would you be able to attach a screenshot of how you set it up and then a screenshot of the value not showing up in your board?

Not sure if this helps given the situation you’re encountering but perhaps you can use the Item Default Values to set up the labels in the dropdown menu to be created with each new item.

Hello Gareth,

You could use the default settings that the dashboard has, you can do it in the dashboard “options” (…) at the top right, then “dashboard settings” and then “defaults”.

There you could place the default value in the column with the value you require when the element is created.

I hope I can help you.
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Hi Yolberth & Charlotte,

Unfortunately Default values will not work for me in this instance as I use the same dropdown column for other values i.e. the column is basically my Sales Pipeline Opportunity Type and contains values for all of the other projects we sell to our customers. So an item in the board may have multiple values for the dropdown column and as such I can’t default this to a single value for all items.

I also can’t use a Status column as I need to be able to include multiple values for the same item.

I have been able to resolve the Lead Source by changing that to a Status column which is fine because it will only ever be a single select.

I had thought about using a separate automation like “When an item is created + if ‘Lead Source’ (status) is Freshdesk, then set column value to ‘Website Amendment’ (Dropdown value). However it seems that the functionality to set dropdown values is not yet supported in automations.