Default value (or automation to set value) for dropdown

Our team has numerous boards, many of which have custom columns, but we have the same base columns across all boards for the sake of reporting.

Two of those columns are dropdowns. One tracks which department the work is for. The other tracks who requested the work (99% of the time this is not a user).

For one board in particular, these values will nearly always be the same.

I wanted to set up an automation to set these dropdowns to a specific value when the item is created, but there don’t seem to be any automations that change dropdown values.

So I thought I could just set a default value for the dropdowns, but I’m not seeing that either.

Am I missing something?

I have similar boards for our company. They don’t offer any automations to change a dropdown value.
I was able to work around it by using a status column instead. It’s definitely annoying with all the different colors, but it does work that way.

Hi @Jguido @tjb - Dropdown columns are available within Board Default values. Not sure why you wouldn’t see it (unless it’s a mirrored column)?



Thanks. Only a week in and I had no idea this area existed. That’s what I needed.

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