Using Dropdown to create items in various group

I would like to use the dropdown column and based on what I select to create item in different board and connect them. It works well if I only select 1 dropdown option but as soon as I select 2 or more I get multiples duplicates in my connected boards.

Tactics options : A, B and C.
If I select A > Create line in Board A.
If I select A and B > Create a line in Board A and in Board B >> The issue here is that I get 2 duplicated lines in board A and 2 duplicated lines in Board B.

Anyone knows if this is a bug or if there is a solution ?
Thanks !

Hey Julie!

Can you please share the automation recipes via screenshot with me so I can test this behaviour on my end? I am not running into the same issue, so want to be sure I have set them up correctly! Thanks :pray:

Hello Bianca, See below the screenshots.

Do you think I should try with another recipes ?