Duplicate item with connected board doesn't display the duplicated item in connected board

Hello !

I have a board A connected to several boards with a connect board column. When I create an item on board A and llink it to board B, it is correctly linked to the board B and the mirror column is up to date.

When I use duplicate action on this created item, the link with board B is kept but when going to board B, this new item doesn’t appear as linked and mirror column doesn’t take it in account (still the same value instead of adding the new one duplicated) Is it a known bug ? Or did I miss something in my actions ?

Hi @Gael - this should work as you described. Just to be sure, you are initiating the connection from Board A and always ensuring you have it set as a two-way connection?


Hi, two way connection is not checked when looking at column setting. And when I check it it stays unchecked when going back the column setting.

I think this is due to my template. What I did is :

  1. Create the board A that will connect to all other boards.
  2. Create a board B to connect to this board.
  3. Make the connect column on board A with two way connection with board B
  4. Flag Board B as a template
  5. Generating board C and D with this template → thanks to this C and D are automatically linked.

When I create an item manually in A I see boards B / C / D but column is not anymore as two way connection.
Here is the example : in green check = manually created. in red it’s a duplicate of the one above. Both are linked to P3 IS2 T1 item in another board.

When I go to the linked board :

Only the “item - manually created” appears, not the “(copy)” and mirror column only take the manually created in account, not the copy.

Hi @Gael :wave:

The two-way connection needs to be selected when creating the connection with that board for the first time. You cannot add it again later after already creating the column and connecting the board, which is why you are not seeing this connection option stay selected.

However, I just tested the workflow you described and manually linking items did work for the two-way connection for the new duplicate boards and Board A.

With this in mind, if you are using an automation to trigger the creation of and linking items into these other boards, then I think this might have to do with the automation recipe you are using or some odd behavior.

With that in mind, I would recommend contacting our Support Team at support@monday.com to help troubleshoot this accordingly!


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