I need Multiple Separate Automations from One Drop Down Column

I have a column for Automations with several options. When selecting an automation, it triggers items on other boards and the creation of subitems.

I want to select multiple automations - each one doing a different thing, Unfortunately the Automation options are only ‘Contains only’, ‘Contains One of’ and ‘Contains all’. I am using the ‘Contains one of’, but this means that each time I choose an automation it triggers them all!

I need a ‘Contains’ option so each automation is triggered separately, and ignore the others.

Is there another way around this?


From what I gather, you have a dropdown column. You want to create automations triggered by this column change and based on what this dropdown column contains.

When Dropdown changes and only if Dropdown contains one of these labels
Then something

Is that it? If so, what automation did you set up that is not producing the result you want?

No - that doesn’t work because I have several automations to choose from, and I want to use a few of them.

So I want:
When dropdown changes and if dropdown contains this label then something

The problem with your formula is
do BLOG automation

  • system adds the BLOG subitems, puts BLOG items on other boards and links them
    then do EMAIL automation
  • system adds the BLOG subitems, puts BLOG items on other boards and links them
  • system adds the EMAIL subitems, puts EMAIL items on other boards and links them

Which means that you have 2x the blog automation activated, and each subsequent automation redoes all the previous ones.

I wasn’t suggesting anything, I was just trying to reformulate your question because it was not clear. You seem to assume we know your setup. :wink:
Maybe others can help.

LoL! No probs - it’s actually quite difficult to articulate the steps! Thank you for having a think about it - it’s doing my head in! :face_with_spiral_eyes: