More automations using dropdown column

It would be helpful if you could create an automation so when a dropdown is selected, move item to a group… Right now, you can only use the dropdown to change a status.

hi @annadayton

You can do that with a custom automation and an additional check. When dropdown changes AND dropdown contains label YXZ → move item to group

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Bas, I get stuck with this dropdown automation - it triggers “then …” all the times whenever dropdown column is changed and contains selected labels. But I want to trigger an action only when selected label is ADDED to the dropdown column. For example in “then create item in New Board” it triggers to create new item every time I add or remove anything from this dropdown column (if only there is selected Label already). Any workarounds?

hi @pegam

Welcome to the community! No, I don’t have a workaround for that. There is no trigger “when a label is added” in You can make an external app (e.g. with Make) to achieve this, but nothing out-of-the-box I am afraid.

Thanks for replying. This is really strange for me Monday has not added something such obvious …