Automating Sub-item Creation with Drop-down column?

Hi. I want to create an automation where whenever I add something in the dropdown column, it creates a sub-item. Can’t seem to figure it out.

The best I could do was that a sub-item is generated whenever the drop-down column changes - but this also creates a sub-item when I remove a label in the drop-down.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

On a different note: Would it also be possible to create an automation where whenever I add a label in a dropdown, it triggers the creation of a sub-item where the name of the sub-item will be the text of the label I have added in the dropdown item.

Hey Hamza,

I am afraid this isn’t currently possible natively. As you’ve noticed, you are able to create a subitem based on a dropdown value, however automating based off the creation of a new dropdown label isn’t something we support. This is a really interesting suggestion and I encourage you to submit this as a feature request :slight_smile:

I would advise looking into a third-party tool such as make or zapier to achieve these automations. Sorry for the inconvenience :pray:

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Hey @HamzaMannanSamad

We developed an app called subitem automations that’s solves this use case but with a status column instead of a dropdown column.
Here’s how it works -

You can either use you’re existing status column or if needed you can create a new status column just for that.

You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!