Automation to create subitems when dropdown status changes

First time poster here! I’m working on consolidating a series of hiring checklists with different team members assigned to each task and some tasks dependent on others being finished. I’ve started by creating an item with a dropdown that contains our different departments. I made an automation “When Department changes and only if Department contains only these labels, create a subitem…” and I repeated the “create a subitem” over and over for each item in the checklist. So, after creating a new board from this template, our HR lead will only need to choose the department that is doing hiring from the item dropdown and the checklist automatically populates as subitems that are assigned to the correct supervisor, director, admin assistant etc. HOWEVER, I seem to be unable to automate the creation of a subitem that is dependent on a subitem that was created as part of the same automation, but further down the list.

Am I making this harder than it has to be? Is it possible to automate the creation of a series of subitems in order with some later subitems having dependencies on earlier ones?

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So here are my two cents:

  1. Dropdowns are not ideal for automation recipes. If you have less than 40 options, I’d suggest to change the column type to a Status column.
  2. Subitems are also not ideal for automation recipes - It’s quite limiting. Especially if you need dependencies for them.

Anyhow, to give you better feedback, would you be able to post a quick screen-recording of your setup here? By the way, don’t forget to remove the sensitive data before posting :smile:

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Just to be sure I am on the same page, you’d essentially like to automate the process of setting dependencies between subitems? If this is the case, I am afraid setting up dependencies between subitems still remains a manual process, and cannot be automated at this time. This is a great suggestion however, and certainly something that I will be sharing internally with our product team :pray:

To achieve this, I’d advise looking into our API to create your own automation! Feel free to check out our resources below:

Hope this helps in some way!