Automation to create Subitems with Dependencies

I’ve tried testing this numerous ways but can’t seem to get this automation scenario with dependent subtasks to work. When an item status changes to “X”, I want a set list of subitems added with dependencies among each other for GTM purposes. When trying to make the subitems dependent, it only allows be to reference existing subitems in other items which I do not want. All subitem dependencies will be contained within a specific item. I know I can manually do this which is cumbersome. Can an automation accomplish this?

Welcome to the Community, @Roger86 !

Am I correct in understanding hat you’re looking to automatically add dependencies to the subitems that are created via the status change in the parent item?:

If so, this isn’t actually possible at the moment (although I do understand why it would be useful). You will need to continue manually adding the dependencies.

While we don’t have an internal solution for you at the moment, if you are comfortable coding or have access to any developers, you can always try building your own automation using our API:

If you need additional support on our APIs or apps platform, I would recommend doing a search for your question in our developer community here. You can also post to the community to get help from other developers.

Otherwise, we also have an option for paid assistance through our network of certified partners. If this interests you, simply fill out this form and someone will be in touch shortly!

Let me know if this answers the question for you! If not, feel free to elaborate and send any screenshot(s) of what you are attempting and we can go from there :slight_smile:


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