Automate Created Subitem Dependency

Hi, when I have an Automation that moves an Item to another Board, and then creates Subitems under that Items that was moved, I want the new Subitems Dependency automatically set as the dependent on the previous Subitem that was created. Is there any way to Automate to Set Dependency?

This is really complicated, especially with subitems. To be honest, I don’t fully understand the nuances of your issue, but you’ll have a hard time doing this with’s default automations.

One thing I can suggest is trying to use the duplicate group functionality. It can help when you’re trying to maintain dependencies even when duplicating. Perhaps you can use this as a kind of template.

In general, though, there are limited automations that work with subitems and even fewer that work with dependencies.

I’d consider the following:

  1. Do you definitely need to use subitems?
  2. Do you really need to move to a different board? (I find that users tend to want to use more boards when using fewer is usually superior)

The only other approach is to use a tool like

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Hi Francis, thank you for the reply. I will look at your considerations and attempt to put something together that will work with the available options, thank you!

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