Automation- Dependencies Set when Item is Duplicated

I am tracking line by line on orders and like to see the stages that line goes through. When I build my board for the orders I am duplicating one section and moving it into the three other groups I have. But then I have to manually set all my dependencies which is very time consuming. I would love a feature that could set the dependencies on the duplication on it’s parent task/subtask, automatically when duplicated.


I have created a very big group with 43 pulses and 12 dependencies colums and 16 automations of these dependencies. All works fine in this group.
Then I duplicated this group 8 times, because I have 8 episodes of a TV series to plan.
When I change a status in the first/initial group, then also the status of the dependencies in the other groups change. So all dependencies in the other groups refer to the first group.
That’s a very big problem!
I would have to adjust all dependencies in 43 pulses and 7 groups by hand. That would be a real pain.
Isn’t is possible that the dependencies in duplicated groups only work inside their group. So the dependency has to change, if I duplicate the group.

Thanks for the help,

Best Michael


+1 for me. The same for linked column, when duplication board the link column in the duplicated board always link to the original linked board.

This is really important! Same issue for links!!!

We have a series of maintenance steps on every new board set-up and it’s too much for some users. We also cannot really secure them out of using a template, and let them still set up their own personal boards, so we are stuck with some manual pain points like thise.

Hey @jlaird - thanks for this question! Yes, this is on our roadmap :slight_smile: You can check out all of the subitem developments our team is working on here: Subitems Product Plan


How do I have an item added to this roadmap? Currently subitem dependencies can only be with other subitems… need to be able to set dependency on parent items. In general, need subitems to behave like parent items in all ways.

@jlaird - the road map is created by our team, but heavily based on feedback from our users. I’ve been sure to share the community feedback on this topic with our team, and they will continue to add updates to the road map!

Same issue, it’s a real deal breaker for us. It’s very irritating because Monday is full of promises but it’s unusuable due to limited functionalities.

I too was very excited to be able to use this platform for checklist type actions. The inability to link a subitem to a new (non-existent) item is not making this task easy. I think I could use Teams, Planner, Forms, and PowerAutomate to get it done exactly how it needs to be much easier than here and with more capabilities.