Subitem dependencies not copying when duplicating item

I have an item with multiple subitems, each with dependencies on other subitems in the task. We are using these as templates, so they can be duplicated and preserve the dependencies. However, when I duplicate an item, it only carries over some of the dependencies I had set up on the subitems. It drops about half of them and I have to add them back in manually. Is there a reason this is happening?

Hey Ashley,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this behaviour…

I have tested this on my end and haven’t had the same issue when duplicating an item with subitems (and dependencies attached). Can you please try duplicating that dependency column and testing the duplication process again? This way we can isolate whether it’s specific to the column or a bigger problem. Thanks for your help :pray:

Thanks Bianca. When I opened the board again today and tried duplicating a task, the dependencies are now duplicating properly. I didn’t change anything, it’s just in a better mood today I guess.

Thank you for the update Ashley :pray:

Do keep me updated, in case we need to get our technical team involved!