Subitem Template x Auto Dependencies

Hi Monday Senior Exports,
I am using the app subitem as template, and notice sub-item has some inconvenient setting.
(1) It seems we cannot auto setup the dependencies.
(2) Is there anyway to set up the default timeline per each sub-item?
(3) Is there another way to auto create sub item once main item is created?

Hi @Han !

Something that doesn’t get rid of all manual work, but would help you with your use case is creating a “template item”. You can then setup subitems to have a default timeline and dependencies and then when you manually duplicate the item all of the subitems will duplicate also.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the input. I assume the template item is for Enterprise and Pro Scheme?

@Han since you would be manually duplicating the item, it should not be pro or Enterprise Exclusive. My apologies though, I might have been a little more vague than I intended.

When I say make a “template item” I meant that you should create an item with all the subitems that you would want with the dependencies (This is a Pro feature) that you want on that level.

Then when you are ready to make an item with the same subitems, just duplicate that item that you created with the subitems.

Hope this clarifies for you!

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Hello @Han,

Another option you can use is the Duplicates and Uniques app.
Basically, you can create a group in your board with the needed columns and then in the app, you can use the cross-board functionality to copy the items over as subitems once a new item is created using this integration:

The good thing about this option is that, the group is now a dynamic subitem template, which means that, any changes you make to that group will reflect in the new list of subitems that will be created.

If you have any questions about the app, you can always write to :slight_smile:

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