Is there a way to copy a set of subitems from one task to many other tasks at the same time?

I have a set of 12 subitems that i would like to copy into 86 individual tasks. I don’t really want to have to do this by duplicating the subitems into each task individually! This is something that i will need to repeat for lots of different projects.

Any ideas ?

Hi @JoLumby !

There is a great FREE feature that you can use in monday called Subitem Templates. If you click on the item, add a view in the item and then search subitem templates you can add and create in there. It works really well for multiple subitems and different subitem “lists”.

There is one catch though, the Name and Person work great to pre-fill-in, but the Date and the Status are stagnant. So if you set a date for June 13th and then use the template in August, it will still say the due date of that subitem is June 13th.

Hope this helps!

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That’s great, thanks for your help.


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I thought this might be the answer for me because I deal with a lot of subitem “lists”. But I’m disappointed because I don’t seem to be able to apply a template to an item via automation. Is this feature truly limited in this way or am I missing something?


I have now created the sub item template. However, I think I am missing a step as it is only applying the subitems in the template to the top item.

What am I missing??



Hi @psperry !

So there are ways to create subitems through custom automations, but it gets tricky sometimes. Like all automations, the automations you create apply to the whole board. So if you were to use an automation like, “When item is created, create subitem” it will trigger when ANY item is created on your board. That’s when you need to add criteria to your trigger. Using the prior example you can add the criteria by using a rule like this: “When item is created, and only if item is in this group, create subitem.”

Adding that criteria (depending on how many different lists that you are using in the subitem level) can get a little crazy to get the correct conditions for every subitem list to be made through an automation.

That’s normally why I suggest the Subitems Template.

Hope that helps or give you a good idea on how to automate it for yourself!

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