Copy a selection subitems to new line item

We have a training schedule board where subitems and persons responsible tend to remain the same. Currently the only way to add these subitems is one at a time via copy or to duplicate a previous class which in turn distorts automations set to notify marketing of new classes we have put on the schedule because all they read is name (copy) or Name (copy)(copy) and they never know the real name of the class until the go into our workspace and look up the information.

Which is the reason we would like to know if it could be possible to copy a group of subitems that we can then paste under a new line item.

Hey @Ariesence,

Have you heard about the Subitem Templates App, available via our Apps marketplace? This way you can create templates of subitems, and apply them across different items.

Does this help? :pray:

Yes I have and currently the CEO will not approve it. So we were looking for another option.