Batch creating sub items to copy across multiple items/boards

There was a workaround posted in 2021 (Create an item with the needed subitems and move it to a group in the top called “template” wenn you need a new item just duplicate the item in the template. It’s not the perfect solution but it works as workaround)
but was wondering if there has been any updates?

I have the same 7 subitems to include to an already populated board and the manual entry is very time consuming, especially when the “duplicate” option adds a “Copy” to all items, adding more processing time in removing them at each line.

Any solutions? Thanks!

Hey @Pandell,

Had you explored our apps marketplace? I’d recommend looking into the app, subitems template which allows you to set the same template of subitems to different items :slight_smile:

Although the app was not developed by the team, and we don’t have control over its functionality – our team has reviewed it against our security and privacy guidelines.

Hi Bianca, no I wasn’t aware of the app marketplace. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks!

Hi @BiancaT , the app is great and helps cut down processing time but is there a way to select multiple items to add subitems to as a single action?
At the moment it seems I still need to manually add the template to each line item.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey @Pandell - Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to bulk apply the template to all items. We understand this is a setback, and will certainly take this feedback on board :pray: