Bulk Create functionality for recurring tasks on a board

Please create a new functionality to be able to easily and bulk create recurring tasks within a board.

alot of teams have the same recurring subtasks but for different assets or parts of the business. Currently its too time intensive to manually duplicate a set of subtasks and manually update/remove the “(copy)” from each and every row. Imagine doing that 25 times in a row.

I’m aware there are vendors that do that but we’re already paying to licenses in monday and this would really be a time saver and make life (and using monday) easier.


Hey Amanda,

Thanks for your request :pray:

I certainly hear where you’re coming from, and encourage you to add your vote to the existing feature request here, regarding the removal of ‘copy’ from the duplicate tasks :pray:

You mention that you have recurring subtasks for different assets, I understand you want to steer away from vendors/third-party offers, but i wanted to draw your attention to this free app, available via our apps marketplace: Subitem Templates. It allows you to create a template of subitems, and apply that template across different items in your account.

Let me know your thoughts!

Hi Bianca,
thank you !

I was able to install the subitem templates, but there is no customization, and I have to manually recreate the subitem template for each board i want to use this on. So this doesn’t work for my team overall.

To expand on my feature request, I need to be able to quickly add/apply subitems to multiple items to ANY board in my workspace. If I can BULK create all task/subitem lists then i can go back and change the task name to the specific name as needed.

Also ideally I can create a board template within a workspace (or there is a separate workspace setting) that has all saved tasks and subitems with various fields. Depending on the board columns, the fields map to whatever board you’re applying these to (ie one board uses dependency vs one board uses finish date).

Example: I have a new project that requires me to build the plan on a net new board but continue to add regional events as we go throughout the year. initally as i build the plan i want to bulk create 40 of one subitem template, 25 of one subitem template, bulk create 20 of another subitem template, and bulk create 15 of another subitem template. The fields map to my columns with minor modifications on my side for the dates. Then as i go, i need to add additional tasks/subitems as needed, but all i have to do is select an activity type and it will add to my board.


Hi There!

Do you have enterprise plan for your account?

If so, you can create a create subitem automation triggered by dates so that the subitems get created in a recurring fashion. Once created, you can template the automation and add it to the existing boards. Set it and forget it!

Moving forward, any board created can be created from a board template with that recurring automation and it will work every time.

If you need help don’t hesitate to reach out!

Mike B
Automation Architect
AXANEXA - Automate Anything

Hi mike,
Yes i have an enterprise account. Can you provide more details so that I can recreate this to see if it works?

I am happy to show you as there are a few steps to set these up.

Happy to show you via a quick zoom if you are open to that. Feel free to email me and we can coordinate a quick sync!


Looking forward to connecting!