Template-ize tasks that are repeated

Relatively new to Monday, and helping to get my colleagues up and running. I got this request from someone today and couldn’t find an answer via searching.

We have multi-step tasks that are frequently repeated. For example, a job (newsletter) that would require an item on a board and maybe a dozen sub-tasks (copy due, layout, approval, send to vendor, etc.).

I am struggling to find a way to automate this so it doesn’t have to be inputted item-by-item each time the task/job comes up.

Is there a way to create a template so that I could just do this automatically (in this case, by adding “newsletter” item and it would automatically add all the necessary subitems)?

Thanks in advance, and apologies if I’m missing something obvious!

We are days away from releasing our second app "Templates"to beta… You can find more info and apply for the beta here: Apps – The Monday Man

You can also do it yourself using Integromat. This video shows how: POWERFUL Item/Subitem Templates with Integromat - YouTube

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Thank you! Signed up so I receive notice when you release the app. Much appreciated!


We are still working with monday to get Bridges into the marketplace.

Would you like to use our Templates app now?


Hi Jim,

One of my coworkers found a solution for the time being, but please keep me posted re: development.

Thank you,