How would I create a recurring task on a template?


I am a Realtor and we’re going to use for our team so my assitant and the other agents on the team are able to use the same templates to manage deals.

I created a template that has every single thing that we do from contract to close. The idea is that when we get a new customer, we just duplicate it and begin to use it for that particular customer.

I have a task that is “Follow up with customer” and I want that to happen every Tuesday and Friday. Should I add the automation to my template? If I do, won’t that generate reminders for the template and just clutter things up? Also, how do I create an automation to tell an item to repeat on Tuesday and Friday?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello @ChrisFNaples !

One workaround to the problem you are describing is creating the automations normally on the template and deactivating them. That way, you would just need to enable the automations for each new board created from the template without creating them anew.

From the way you are describing your process, I also wanted to point out you can create a “hard” template. You can learn more about that here on the create your own board template section.

Regarding the automations:



You would recreate this for Friday as well. Hope this helps!

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That is really helpful. Thank you so much! One thing that’s interesting is that I thought on those days I would create a task but you said to do the notify. That’s really interesting. Any reason why you like notify over creating the task?


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Glad to hear I could be of help @ChrisFNaples .

By using the automation I showed you, you can also reconfigure it to create a task instead of/in addition to getting a notification.

It is a matter of preference ,so it is up to you. In my opinion, creating a task two times each week can result in your boards getting clustered, since if it is done for example for 6 months, that would mean 2x4x6=48 tasks getting created just for contacting one client.

There are also other ways to configure your boards to get reminder notifications, but without knowing the structure of your boards and workflow I provided you with the simplest solution.

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