Duplication without the word 'COPY'

Hi All, I’m creating recurring tasks Board that is using automation. Currently, it is working as I’ve imagined but what I find annoying is the (copy) on the end of each task that is created. Is it possible to remove it automatically or for the “(copy)” word not to be created at all when task is duplicated.

Hi there,
I have a number of tasks for which I need an initial identical set of sub-items underneath. I want to be able to set up an initial group (task and sub items), then make a new group and copy the sub-items from the first group to the second (and subsequent). I know I can use ‘duplicate’ then ‘move’, but this adds the word ‘(copy)’ to each item, which I then have to remove to avoid confusion. I have 53 sub-items and 11 tasks. I am not keen on having to change the title on 530 sub-items. Can we either get a ‘duplicate and move’ feature that doesn’t add the (copy) text to a duplicate?

A current solution you can use is to use the Toolkit app to remove the (copy) keyword from the item names.

After downloading the app, the process is as follows:

  1. Select the “Copy & Replace” app

  2. Select the your board and the subitem board. The subitem board is named after the main board. For example in the attached image, the main board is called “LimitTest” and the subitem board is called “Subitems of LimitTest”

  3. Select the name columns and any specific groups or subitems if you wish

  4. In Step 2, enter (copy) as the find term and click on the “Empty” beneath the Replace input box.

  5. Click on the “Complete” button. That’s it. All instances of the (copy) keyword will be removed.

If you need any help with the app, you can always write to support@kolaai.com

Hi there, is this a free app or paid for?

It’s a paid app with a free 14 days trial


Here are two other alternatives. Both have a free level. The first removes the (copy) from copied items. The second duplicates an item with options to duplicate the updates and/or remove the (copy).

:magic_wand: Column Magic :sparkles:– The magical columns toolbox has the following recipe and can also be called in custom automations:

:magic_wand: Update Magic #1 – update enhancement toolbox has a number of recipes like the one below and can also be called in custom automations:

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Hi there,

Thanks both, but I’m really after this (what I would consider basic functionality) in Monday.com itself. It seems to be a very trivial and essential task that should be a new feature of Monday.




For what it’s worth, I agree with you. But until that is available, we are giving you options.

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Hi @Mark2
Just a though, have you tried to duplicate the group instead, This keeps the same naming on all the parent tasks & Subtasks, but just adds the word duplicate to the group instead. From here you can either rename the parent tasks, or move the subtasks to other parent tasks without the need to rename each one

Here is a group I Duplicated up, with 2 Clicks
It gives me an exact duplicate keeping the same name on tasks & Subtasks

From here i can either just rename the Parent tasks if needed, or move the Subtasks to a different parent task with a couple of clicks
I can also just rename the group or delete the group once I have moved the subtasks to a different parent task if needed

Hope this provides a better solution and provides what you need

If you need any additional help
Just let me know

Many thanks in advance


Hey Dan, thanks for that.
Strangely it does get the word COPY sometimes. I’ve had a play and if there are any dates / durations / dependencies etc. then the word COPY gets added, but it seems that if it’s a completely empty row (apart from the name), it does work as you said.
Fantastic to have found a possible solution!
We had also come up with the idea of exporting the task and sub items to excel then re-importing, which seemed to work (in a clunky way). But this is far easier!

Hi @Mark2
Many thanks for the update
Dependent on the use of your tasks/sub tasks, you may also be able to have a Monday Doc with a bulleted list of your subtasks, Selecting all the list you can then add them as items to a board of your choice, This will add each line as an item (or you can copy and paste a list to make items). you can then convert all to subtasks and move to an parent item
Another possibility
Cheers Dan

Brilliant, thanks again.

The first option has worked perfectly for me. Hopefully by the next time I have to enter this many tasks, Monday may have added this as a feature!


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Hi Mark,

just wondered if you’ve come across the ‘Subitem Templates’ option yet?
We use them extensively and they make it super easy to recreate the same task over and over again.

It’s a free app, and you will find it by going into the Update section of any item on the board you want the template/s in, and clicking on the + sign on the right hand side:

Scroll down to find ‘Subitem Templates’ in the Marketplace Apps section (it’s orange).

Just a couple of things - last time I checked, a template could only have around 20 items, so we simply grouped ours into sections (e.g. Client Setup, Program Design, Post-Delivery, etc.).

Each time you set up a new task you just add each one in the order you want them to appear.

Once you have set up templates, they are available on all of your boards, simply by adding the app to each board (again by going into any item Update section and clicking on the +).

Hope this is useful for you. Good luck!


Hi Dan, This is a great idea! However, for some reason, it won’t work for me. When I duplicate my group, only the item - not the subitems - gets duplicated. I have 23 subitems that I need to copy into about 20 items. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!