Move a Copy of an Item (without adding "copy" to the name)

We do a lot of copying of items and moving them to another group. It takes MANY clicks to do it because we must duplicate (Monday creates new item with the word “copy” in the title). Then we move it, then we have to remove the word copy. Lots of clicking.

A typical workflow would be to add (in the dropdown context menu) “Move a Copy” function.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

I would also like an answer to this. I’ve seen solutions that involve third party apps - I have no interest in paying for additional apps to do things like find/replace. Voting for this feature to be added.

After a bit of fiddling, I’ve found an admittedly unimpressive workaround. It may only be helpful to a use case as specific as ours… That said, it saves me some clicks and might save others clicks.
I made a board that has a semi-complete list of items (pulses?) that we need to accomplish for every product we have. After this, I duplicate the board, move the items to the group that I want them in and delete the board. It gets rid of (copy) at the end of every pulse. Now if only we could get drag and drop for multiple items w/in a group!

The fact that this (copy) is automatically added as postfix to the duplicated item name reduces the benefit of the automate.
It is just anoying to have to reduce the name manually, there is no gain of time at the end.
The suggestion of a Duplicate and move duplicate to group/board automate would solve this issue and reduce efforts. Moreover, there should be an option at least letting the user decide whether the creation of a duplicate should add or not this (copy), as the new duplicate will anyhow be a unique entry based on its ID.

So please consider at least adding two new automates:

  • Duplicate and move duplicate to group
  • Duplicate and move duplicate to board
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Or perhaps some setting in a board to adjust what is added when a copy is created, whether it’s ‘(copy)’, ‘(duplicate)’, a custom option, or just nothing at all (though I’d imagine most people would end up opting for the last option).