Duplicate to another board directly

Hi there,

I am frequently in the situation where I want to duplicate a large number of items from one board to another; or at the very least recreate the same number of items with the same name, NOT taking across the columns too. At the moment the only way I can find to do this is to duplicate all of them, and then move the newly created items over to the other board. This is annoying as it adds the word " (copy)" to the end of all the names… meaning there is a bunch of cleaning up to do each time!

Is there no way to just select a bunch of items and say “duplicate to…” and choose the board and group and have them created there, without the “(copy)” bit?

Hello @jjay.lewin
You can do it with the Duplicates and Uniques app which you can find here.

After adding the board to your app, the process will be as follows.
In Step 1

  • Choose your desired board and group or groups. By default, the board where is add is added is selected.

In Step 2

  • Choose ‘Item’

In Step 3

  • Choose ‘Any’

In Step 4

  • Choose “Copy” and select an existing board or group or create a new a new one

That’s it. The item names will be copied to the new location (without the ‘copy’ word :wink:).

Since you do this frequently, you can create a template and run it as integration.

You can reach out if you have any question at support@kolaai.com
Here is a community post which further describes the app

Hope this was useful

Lastly, here is a demo of the app in action which also shows how to add a template.

Thanks for taking the time to reply @kolaai.

However, I don’t see this as a solution for us. I work for a fairly small non-profit so the sort of extra monthly pricing your app asks for us too high for us on top of our Monday.com subscription.

This sort of thing seems like a pretty basic feature that should just be included in the original application! Not something I have to pay $400 p/year for (or in fact anything at all on top of the MOnday.com subscription).



Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your concern and understand if you wouldn’t like to consider the app. Though I’d like to mention that, we offer discounts for companies like yours, which you can find on our site in the FAQs section

The above stated scenario is just a fraction what what the app can do. There is so much more you can do with the app that will save you both time and money in the long run.

You can email me directly at alfred@kolaai.com should you have any questions or concerns.

+1 - I agree fully. They should simply just add a feature called “Copy and Move”, where it duplicates, then moves it without the word “copy”

Similar to the Convert Column Feature, it copies the column, shows the changes, and then converts it. but in this case, instead of converting it, it would simply move it.


Exactly! It seems like such a basic feature to me - crazy it’s missing.


Would love and update on this.

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Would also love to know if there’s anything more going on with this. I regularly have to create new groups as information comes my way and then copy that new Group to a different Board. The current process is very tedious. I’d love to see a on eclick “Duplicate/Copy to another Board”

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I need duplicate subitem and send the duplicated directly to another board, but as item. There any advise to do that?