Duplicate an item to multiple boards

So, on Monday.com you can duplicate an item, you can move an item to another Board, but can you duplicate an item keeping the same title to multiple boards in one passage?
Doing the duplicating and the renaming (yes! Renaming! Because when you duplicate an item it gives it a different name from the previous) and the moving multiple times takes more or less as much as creating a brand new item in every board.
Thank you

No one shares my problem or have a solution here?

Hi @edoaber, do you mean you want to mirror the item? Or you want it to be a standalone item with just the same name?

In this partucual case I mean to duplicate an item to multiple standalone items and allocate them in multiple boards with just one operation.
It might be something like: select item>duplicate in board>drop down menu so that you can select multiple boards.

Ahh okay, I’m not quite sure how you could do that, but there could be a workaround. I hope you find your solution, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

@edoaber Hello! Based on the above, you are able to move standalone items across different boards. Here is an article with the steps on how to select the item/s, move to specific boards and groups: How to move a group or an item – Support

Hope this helps answer your question!