Bug Duplicating Items w/Subitems 2024-01-02

I’ve been trying to duplicate Items containing Subitems both manually and automatically by using Apps. Neither option works correctly. Selecting the Item and selecting “Duplicate” causes the item to duplicate like normal but many of the subitems get duplicated multiple times within the Item.
I’m not running any Apps currently and Duplicate still doesn’t function correctly. I have to duplicate and then select 30+ over-duplicated subitems and delete them all manually. I have hundreds and soon to be thousands of duplications needed on a monthly basis.
I’ve verified that Subitem Templates and Subitem Pro Templates apps have similar issues.

Can someone at Monday look into this issue and consider making “Duplicate” function correctly again?


I plan to offload these functions to Python and push it in via API since Monday doesn’t seem to perform basic functions reliably. I already have to use the API to do simple calculations due to Monday formula limitations. It’s taking extra time to overcome some of Monday’s API quirks but we’ve now gained access to all the data we need.

Hey Nate!

Charlotte here for the monday team! :wave: Thanks for raising this! This sounds extremely frustrating - sorry to hear you’re experiencing this!

Would you be able to reach out to our team here so our technical support engineers can take a look and get to the bottom of this ASAP for you? :pray:

We look forward to chatting there!