Duplicating and moving subitems

I do not understand why this program cannot simply duplicate subitems (unlimited subitems app) - and why within the app you cannot move subitems. I need subitems repeated and I need them in specific orders.

You should be able to simply create the subitems within the app - but this seems to make you go to the original, make duplicates, then go to the unlimited view to move them - at which point it puts them in its own order.


Hello @mmclaren ,

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

I would suggest trying to use automations to set up items.

You can have a trigger on the main item, based on which the subitems will get created.

I hope this helps at least somewhat, let me know if you have any questions.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com


Thanks for the feedback – I will look at it. The unlimited subitems, still has way to many issues to be useful though.