When duplicating an item with subitems it is duplicating the subitems due to automation

Hi There, New to Monday.com. I was testing the duplicate function on a line item in a group and found that when I duplicated it it also duplicated my subitems, went from 12 to 24 subitems

Should this occur - is there a way of selecting what should be duplicated when using this option.

Or is this because I have an automation set up that when a new item is created create the subitems? I need this so don’t want to remove this automation.

Any other suggestions ? - looked at the copy function but it doesn’t appear to do anything.

Thank you

hi @dee.kleynhans

Welcome to the community. Item duplication will fire any “new_item” trigger / automation. So, if you have an automation that creates subitems when a new item is created, this will be activated when you duplicate the item.

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