Automations: sub-items deletion, item duplication

Hello there,

I’m 90% sure the below automations are not currently possible, but I want to make sure, hoping that I’m not right.

Can item duplication be automated? For example “when item is moved to another group, create a duplicate in yet another group”. The only duplication related automations I could find were the pre-made recipes that were triggered by a due date change. It looks like nothing else can set off item duplication. Is this correct?

Can sub-item deletion be automated? For example “when item is moved to another group, all of its sub-items are deleted”.

Can column values from the main item be mirrored in the sub-items if the sub-item was created automatically? I know such mirroring can be set up manually, but not aware how it could be done automatically, for the respective item.

The issue I’m trying to solve here is that an item represents a complex task and solving that task has phases that are represented by sub-items. The item/task has a responsible person assigned to it. I am creating the sub-items with a recipe; that’s not an issue. But I’d like the automatically created sub-items to inherit the assigned person from the main item.