Duplicating an item without existing subitems

I’m using subitems to track the status of an item with repetitive tasks.

  • task 1
  • task 2
  • task 3

-task 1
-task 2
-task 3

I’m using the automatization: WHEN AN ITEM IS CREATED CREATE SUBITEM

There are cases when I need to duplicate the items in the board to divide the original Item in 2, as they are going to be used in different locations but I need to keep all the previous activity and updates.
When duplicating all the subitems are duplicated as well, so if the standard is 3 tasks, we will have 6 tasks for the new item.

Is there any way to avoid duplicating subitems? Or not creating the subitems when the item is duplicated_


That is an interesting need.

Depending on the details, you might be able to change your create subitem automation to be “more selective”. For example if the items you are copying never have the “default” label for a status column…

If that won’t work, you might consider using a Make scenario to do the subitem creations. Then you could easily add the logic required to make it work.

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Thanks! What do you mean by a Make scenario?
I’m testing adding a status column that will be set to “Duplicate” before actually duplicating the item and change the automatization to: When an item is created and Status is not Duplicate then create Subitem…

But it’s adding an additional step of manual work.
I would love to have a solution from Monday


You can get more info on what Make is and what it can do here: What is Make & How can it help you?

Your idea with “Duplicate” is a good one.

The kind of thing that Make can do is to use the event of a status changing to “Duplicate” to actually copy the item excluding the subitems, then reset the status to something else… You could also just use a button column instead of a status column.