"new item created - add sub-item" automation doesn't trigger when new item is moved to board from another board

Basically the title - I set up an automation that adds a checklist of subitems to a new item added to a board. Trouble is, that board is populated by items that are added to it from another board (I duplicate from the first board, then move to the second board and expected the subitems to be added by the automation), and I guess monday doesn’t see these as “new” items in terms of the automations. The subitems don’t get added (versus if I do a true “new” item, they do). Any advice? It’s a 13-item checklist so I’d really love for this automation to work.

Yeah, I’ve had the same sort of problem. “New Item Created” sounds perfect because it could only happen once and it’s really annoying when I end up creating my checklist again and again, as can easily happen when the trigger is something like “Status”. What I ended up doing is create a number column to keep track of if the checklist has been created. When the item is created the number is set to zero ‘0’. The automation that creates the checklist checks that cell being zero as a condition, then sets it to one ‘1’ when it’s done. That makes it easier to control when the list is created and that it’s only created once.

Hope this helps.