Sub items - Dependencies

Hello all,

I’m looking for some suggestions and have gotten no where with Monday customer support. I am trying to link sub items together using dependencies in order to schedule project tasks better. The issue is because we have a number of projects (items) that have similar task names (sub items), it gives me a long list of possible tasks to choose from which is very tedious to find the correct one. I also would like to automate this dependency so we can properly have dependent tasks that can be scheduled based on a project start date.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @toleary!

That sounds interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

How would a complete flow of information look like here?

What would be a simple example so that it is easier to visualize the exact flow you want to achieve?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


I have the same issue, because each task will have the same subitems when selecting the sub-item dependencies you can’t see which item it relates to. For examples my 1st Review sub-item is dependent on my Drafting sub-item. But when I select the dependencies column I get a large number of ‘Drafting’ sub-items to choose from because all my items will have a ‘Drafting’ sub-item.
It should be either easier to know which item a sub-item relates to, or you can select only those belonging to the item you are in

Hi @Matias.Monday

We also have a very similar issue. In our marketing team we use a combination horizontal/vertical board for email campaigns. Sub items often include names like “follow up email 1, follow up email 2” and there will be many across the main pulses on the board.

When selecting a dependancy it makes it nearly impossible to see which one to choose from the board without instructing the marketers to include the main pulse name in their sub item names. It would be helpful if the dependancy select window would only show the sub items related to the main pulse and then provide the ability to go back to search under whole board if needed. If that makes sense?

In the image below each of these sub items are all related to different main items but you can’t tell which one is related to your main pulse unless you click into each of them.

We would also love the ability to automate sub item dependancys as well.

hi @huwrc and others,

Part of your use case can be solved with the app “AutoID Subitems”, see Apps Marketplace. This app creates a unique id that can also hold a reference to a parent item. It can also write to the name column. So if you add a subitem and call it “Drafting” you subitem name can be automatically renamed to:
“Name of parent”-“name of subitem”-01

Where the first part is the actual name of the parent item, the second part is the current name of the subitem (in your case "Drafting) and the last (numeric) part is a unique id for each subitem within the same parent item.