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Hi there!
I’d really love there to be a recipe. “When item is created and Dropdown is X notify/email someone.”
Currently dropdown automation features are limited.

This would be useful in my team because we want to notify the head of a particular department when a request comes in from one of their team members.

@SebTemlett Welcome to the Monday community!

The feature you are requesting is actually on the roadmap to be included in the Custom Automation section: Custom Automations Roadmap

Current ETA shows Q2/Q3 of this year.

In the meantime though, can you share some more details about your use case? I want to make sure you can’t substitute a Status Column for your current Dropdown Column.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, Andrew.

Indeed, in the end I’ve used a Status column to achieve what I wanted. The only issue is the status automations only allow notifications to be sent and I would prefer to send an email via the integrations.
For example.
Through a request form, requester selects X department as the relevant department.

When this item is submitted, and created in the board, I would like the head of X department to receive an email, but not a notification from Monday.com. this way they can choose to reply within outlook.

If that makes sense?


Glad to hear the Status column worked!

Now regarding the email option. Have you looked at the pre-built Outlook Integrations? Outlook Integration – Support

The trick is to cause a “status to change” as that will be required to trigger the Outlook Integration. I think the simplest solution would be to add an extra Status Column called “Email” or something like that. Then an automation like:

When item is created, change status to something.

When item is created, change Email to Send.

When your item is created, it changes the Email columns status, which can then trigger an Outlook Integration like so:

When status changes to something, send email to someone.

Another thing to consider, in order to dynamically change the email recipient, you will need another set of automations. This does mean creating an automation per department head.
For example:

When item is created and status is X department, assign person to X department head.

This will have triggered before you Outlook Integration. You should be able to choose that People column in said Integration and it will take their email from their Monday account.

Natively through Monday, I can’t currently think of a way to dynamically select a person to email. This could be easily achieved through Integromat though, which could handle assigning the department head to the People column, finding their email and then sending an email. Doing all of this through Integromat would also allow you to send HTML emails with CC/BCC, attachments etc. Currently the built in Gmail & Outlook Integrations only allow plain text emails with 1 recipient(can send to separate emails but not CC’d).

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you need more assistance.

Thanks a lot, Andrew!

This was all very helpful.
I had tried a variety of “automation gymnastics” to get the result needed, but you’re combo sounds good. I’ll also look into Integromat.

Thanks again!!

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