Automate one item

I would like to send a message to someone when one particular item is completed. However, I can only make automations that affect the entire column. Is there a way to select one item for automation?

For instance, when this item is completed notify someone? Is it possible to select one item for an automation?

Hi Buffy,

Although you cannot apply an automation to one particular item there is a work around for this. If you create an extra dropdown column and apply a unique value to this row, then you can use this as an identifier for that specific row in an automation.

The automation would look something like:
When ‘Status’ changes to ‘Completed’
and only if ‘Dropdown’ contains all ‘These Labels’

Then ‘Notify’ ‘Person’.

To get the additional line within the first part of the automation select the plus button on the right hand side of the automation creation window. You can always collapse the dropdown column you create so it is not disrupting your view.

Hope this helps!


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Hi buffy could you find a solutions for the single item automation please ?

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Hi! Is this still a feature request? I want to automate one item in my group -

If status for “Email Sent” is still “Working On it” after 3 days, please notify “person”