One automation to end them all

Hi, This is a simple idea but would be 100% helpful.

I have a single board which has 100+ automations on it and roughly 200 live items at any time. It works great, however there does come a time every now and then where I find an item in the wrong place/group or labelled incorrectly.

Here comes the problem:
When I then change it to be in the correct group/status/etc I often have unexpected or inappropriate automations getting executed which can do a number of things like Jump the item into another group making it hard to find, or sending my clients an automated mail when they have already recieved that mail before or changing the status back again resetting timers and/dates.

The answer:
Can you please add an automation statement for , “If X is Y then no automations will be triggered.”

For example, if “No Automation” column is On then no automations will be triggered.

Please let me know if you need more info or if you are not getting my suggestion.

This would be VERY helpful!!