Specific Item status change


Here at my company the following automation was needed and it appears to not be available (yet?).
“When STATUS changes to SOMETHING
and only if item is SPECIFIC ITEM
then notify SOMEONE”
Workarounds are being used but this would be a nice option to have in the future.

Also, when changing the status of an item, is it possible to automate the change of a subitems status?


Hi @AppManIDFA !

Welcome to the community! I am glad that you were able to find some work arounds for this! Something that we use for clients is have them use a dropdown or “back-end” status that would designate items that you would want notifications pushed for.

For your second question, unfortunately, monday does not have.a notification for that right now.

Hope this helps!

I’m trying to implement this same automation. I have multiple items of a specific name, and want updates when the status changes on those specific items only. What workaround do you come up with, if you don’t mind.


I’d love more details on how to set up the work arounds for this, especially what you mean by a “back-end” status. Any help is appreciated!


Well maybe workaround is not the right word, my colleague is doing stuff manually…

@AppManIDFA @DallasBentley @jclark

The commonly used solution is I think what jailynnlucidday may have been alluding to. Simply create an additional status column, let’s call it {Special}. Add a label to {Special} called “YES”. For any items that you want to be “monitored”, set {Special} to “YES”.

Once that is done, you can add a custom automation similar this:

This technique can also be adjusted to have more than 1 special type and can be used to do more that just notify. Some examples are:

  1. When {Special} = “Type 1”, notify Susan; when {Special} = “Type 2”, notify John
  2. When {Special} = “Gold” and status changes… move item to group
  3. When {Special} = “temporary” and status changes to “Done” delete item

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