Outlook Integration Based On Answers in a Form

My organization is utilizing Monday Forms as an external facing intake method for individuals interested in specific programs we are offering. Depending on the program selected in the form (set up as a status), we would like to auto-generate an email that advises of the next steps. These responses will need to be tailored specifically to the program (status) selected.

Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? I tried the Outlook integration “When Status Changes to Something Send and Email to Email” but this isn’t auto- triggering when an item is created, only when an already created item is changed. What I am really looking to do is: When a new item is created with ___ status send an email to Email. Whereby each email response would change based on the program selected.

I would be very appreciative if someone could advise how to accomplish this!

Thank you!

hi @Sarahmorris792

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I do see your issue. Indeed creating an item will not trigger a column change and for that reason the integration “When status change…” will not work. The only way I can see this working is to build something from scratch. Integromat could be a good solution for this or you need to build an app which requires coding skills.

Hey @Sarahmorris792, thanks for posting!

What would you think about using this integration recipe?


If the person fills out the date in their form as well as the status, you could set this integration recipe to be “1 day after date arrives and status is [specific program], send an email to someone”. You could make this email integration recipe for each program you have. Would that be a good workaround for you?

thank you @basdebruin & @TRB-monday.com , I actually believed I may have solved for a work around by adding in an automation to pair with the integration. I added an internal only column for course selection. In case others run into a similar issue, I wanted to explain my work around. I set up an automation “when an item is created and status (course in this case) is ___ change internal course status to ___ (basically mirror the already made course selection)” I also used the integration recipe, “when Internal Course (status) changes to ___ send email to email.” The automation triggers the internal column to change which triggers the email integration.

I appreciate both of your quick replies and hope this explanation may help others in the future!