How to set a Date Field's "Default Value" using a Formula or another dynamic way, with Automation (either Item or Sub Item, Subitem)

When using as any sort of “process management system”, the new-ish options for the creation of "Sub Items” using the “When an item is created” automation is fab - a great way of providing a check list of “things to do” for that Item as “sub tasks”

But… I have a rather large issue:

For the Items or Sub Items, there appears no functionality within “Automate” to set the value of a Date Field to anything else other than manually selecting a date from a calendar.

For the Sub Items that require a deadline - i.e. “this subitem needs to be completed by X-date” - there’s no way I’ve found of that sub date being set based on any sort of logic.


1- Lead Item is created
2- Subitems automatically created with Dates (due dates) - Sub-1: Due date = X, Sub-2 Due date = Y

The Subitems Due Dates need to be dynamic to a constant - e.g. Sub-1 Date = “Creation date + 1 day” etc.

I can do this with a Formula Column BUT then further Automations do not see that column as a “Date” so we cannot use it to trigger date related automations.

Any advice or input would be super appreciated.


Update: I’ve seen the “Push Date” option in automations - though this is does not appear to be supported for Sub Items :frowning_face:

PS - I’m a super newbie to so excuse any daft questions!

Would love some help on this too. I can’t really use it as a task management tool yet because I cannot automatically set the dates like this.