Subitem automation - When new SubItem is created, set Date to Current Date and Push by # days

Would like an automation option for when a new subitem is created, set a Date to Current Date and Push by # days to automatically set a due date for subitems that are created.

Me too. This seems like a pretty basic functionality, and I dont understand why Monday doesn’t have it

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I wish I had the answer for you, I have been trying to set up a very similar function and can not get it to work with in a subitem. I have also been looking through a lot of integrations and still coming up empty handed.

Maybe this autoboost functionality can help

It looks like there are a few topics asking for this in the Community… I am also blown away that it doesn’t exist. It makes no sense to set a date in a subitem because it will always be the wrong date. At the very least, it would be nice if when subitems were created it would reference the date the automation was created to adjust the dates:

i.e. if you made the Automation on June 15th and then set Subitem 1 to June 15th, Subitem 2 to June 10th, Subitem 3 to June 20th, then when the automation is triggered on (say) July 10th, it would make the dates July 10th, July 5th, and July 15th for the three subitems.

Either that or add to the subitem creation set date to “Today” +/- X days.


Hey all,

We developed an app that solves this exact problem of setting sub-tasks dates based on changes in its item’s date and you can also set a different offset for each subitem.
See exmaple here -

All you need is a date column on the item level, a date column on the subitem level and a numbers column. The numbers column is the offset between the item and the subitem so each subitem can have it’s own offset. And you can tweak it between days/weeks/months.

It’s brand new (released last week) and we’re going to keep on adding new capabilities.
You can check it out here -

Hope that helps!

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Thank you! This is awesome and solves a huge issue for us.