Subitem Date Automations

I’m using an automation that says “when button is clicked, create subitems” to create 18 subitems. I am also using two date columns for my subitems - “creation date” and “due date”.

I have two questions with this:

  1. In the automation, I selected “today” on the top as the date to fill in for the “creation date” (see below). Is that a dynamic today? Or will it continue to input today, March 30th, as the creation date every time the automation runs?

  1. I need to push the due dates of some of the subitems +7 days from the creation date, but I need to push other due dates by only +4 days. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @tanner_elevate !

This is a very interesting scenario.

I believe the creation date in unfortunately a “hard” one that does not change dynamically. It is unfortunate that currently monday does not support subitems for “when item is created” automations , which would resolve your problems.

Similarly, because these are subitems, we cannot use "when item is created and condition is x this push date by y ".

So it seems to me that currently the only way to do this would be via a platform like

If anyone can suggest something else I would also be very interested to know!

Had the exact same issue with this that destroyed the workflow we wanted to create. I believe there’s no solution to this at the moment.

Would be great if the developing team could change the ‘today’ into a dynamic date instead of fixing it on the date. We can select the exact date in the calendar view if we want to hard set it.

The ability to create a dynamic “Today” can be very usefull. I myself needed that ability.
I suggest to put this in the feature request section where the community can vote for it.
The more votes this feature request will get, the better the chance will develope it.


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I REALLY need the dynamic “Today” to also work for subitems. We have automations that trigger subitems but then the subitems dates are all overdue because we chose “today” when creating them. We tried leaving the date blank, but then nothing shows up in my work. I also tried to run automations that when subitem is created set date to today automation but that doesn’t exist. That would be an easy fix too if we could have an automation that set the subitem date to the day it was created.